Toms in New York

I just bought my first pair of Toms in NY!!!  I’m a strong believer in giving back to people in need, so it was awesome to get to buy a cool pair of shoes that gave back to an impoverished community. 

I bought the black Toms eventhough I was leaning towards the perforated Toms. The fit isn’t primarily created for a wide foot so I had to go almost one size up.  It’s so funny because there is a “W” inside of the shoe.  I asked the saleswoman if the “W” stood for “Wide Width” and I could tell she was holding back a little laugh.  But she seemed to have to think for a second then she told me, “No, the ‘W’ stands for ‘Womens’.”   I asked her about the option to buy a Mens shoe in my equivalent size but they didn’t carry a size small enough for me to buy Mens.  A little backstory:  When I was a teenager, I used to buy Men’s sneakers all the time to save money plus I thought the boys shoes looked cooler than the women’s.

Ok, back to the present.  🙂  My excitement was deflated a little as I tried to fit my foot into the cloth shoe.  But I was determined to buy my Toms THAT day. 

First, let me explain why it was so important to buy my Toms at that moment.  My feet were killing me after walking all over New York in my sandals.  I NEVER bring the right clothes when I travel.  My significant other (s/o) and I are trying something new where we pack the bare minimum.  But because this is new, I don’t have the process completely down yet….lol.  So I NEVER check the weather BEFORE we leave for the trip.  I am always unhappily surprised when we get to our destination and it is either too cold, too hot, too rainy, too SOMEthing for the clothes in my suitcase.  And I am NOTORIOUS for doing this on our trips to Ohio, my s/o’s home state.  I don’t care if I bring 10 outfits for two days, I can guarantee you, I will have to buy a raincoat, jeans, shorts, a t-shirt, something.  I don’t know if that is just me but I can never get it right.

The second reason I wanted to buy my Toms that day in incredibly sunny, perfect weather New York is that I am a HUGE believer in fate. 🙂  I believe if the stars align and things feel just right, then it MUST be done.  If it is not done then I believe something in the universe will not be right in my future.  This may sound crazy but some people call it “following your gut” and when I don’t follow my gut, things do go wrong. 

The third reason is when I travel, I like to buy things to remind me of my travels.  I feel like it makes my wardrobe more exotic and it’s nice to have that memory of a place I travelled to with me on my feet, around my neck, on my wrist…a peaceful reminder of why I go to work each day.  I like my job enough but I love to travel and have adventures.  I wouldn’t be able to afford to do what I love without going to work.  But while I am sitting in my cube with my impeccable scarf around my neck, I can smile to myself and think of my travels so far from where I am sitting right now.

The fourth reason is that the sign was RIGHT THERE.  Brands and I were walking along the street and I saw a sign hanging that had Journeys then I saw “Toms”  amongst numerous other brands on the sign and I knew that was it.  I ran inside, dragging Brandon in tow and was instantly in my element.  I don’t usually shop at places like Journeys.  I feel like I am an old fogey and I like to shop at more grown-up stores now like Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Banana Republic, etc. 

But there is this side of me that will ALWAYS be bohemian no matter what career I have or what I feel I have to wear to work to get ahead.  Truth be told, if I could wear long tiered skirts and flip-flops to work and still get the corner office, I would.  I have been bohemian my whole life.  Kind of like a nomad too because I have traveled my whole life, either as a military brat, being in the military myself or marrying military.  Then my s/o got out and we are still on the search for new travels and new experiences.  I guess it is in our blood.  We love where we live but we constantly have that itch to take to the roads, skies or seas.

So there I am, sitting down, trying on a size 8.0 when I wear a 7 typically because I was THAT determined to give back to children in need, wear my new Toms from New York AND give my feet a much-needed break.  I was finally able to fit the 7.5 but after wearing my shoes for a couple of hours in NY then back on the road to VA, I think I could have gotten away with my usual 7.  The cloth seems to stretch a bit, not a lot after a few hours of walking through NY but enough for me to feel like I could have dealt with my tight 7s until they gave way some. 

I also bought a distressed bookbag from Journeys for bike rides and happily went up to the salesgirl who was singing out loud.  Everything about my first Toms experience was perfect.  It was quirky, it was random, it was in New York and they had my size for the shoe I wanted.

I changed my shoes right in the store and placed everything into my backpack.  Then time I walked out of the store, my foot began hurting.  I think because the muscles of my feet were adjusting to my new shoes.  The muscles in my feet can be weird and they are often hurting depending on which shoes I choose to wear.  Anyways, I walked through the pain after sitting for a minute then my feet were fine for the rest of the day in my new Toms.  I look forward to many adventures with my new Toms and I’m glad a child will be enjoying a new pair of shoes because of my purchase.  You can’t beat all that goodness in a matter of 20 minutes.

Peace! 😀


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