Jae and Avi Back-to-School 2012

I can feel my throat becoming scratchy and it’s taking a little bit longer for the sun to come up in the morning.  The temperatures are dropping and the leaves are a’changin.  My heart is pounding with excitement as I think about what all of this means.  My dreams are literally unfolding in front of my eyes as I think about my beautiful little boys getting ready to go back to school and continue the progression of their academic futures. 

My s/o and I went shopping for them a couple of weeks ago.  Avery picked out a bright orange Jansport and Jae chose a more sensible navy blue bookbag.  It literally took us 20 minutes for their father and I to buy their school clothes this year because they are wearing uniforms at their new school.  Uniforms…which I love because of the ease of getting them dressed in the mornings.  Uniforms….I love because of its cost-effectiveness.  My s/o and I scored a great deal on their new sneakers and bought them more sensible sneakers than I have chosen in the past.  No shoe strings because I am tired of untied shoes or torn shoelaces. 

This year just feels…different.  I feel like my s/o and I have finally gotten the hang of this parenting thing.  It only took us 8 years but by golly, we’re finally getting it.  I know 8 years sounds like a long time but when something is changing so drastically almost every year, 8 years is nothing.  I remember when I first brought my oldest son, Jae home.  He was this squirmy, beautiful little newborn who couldn’t keep his head up in his carrier carseat.  His hair was straight and laying on his head and very black.  Unlike his little brother, Jae’s eyes were opened almost from the very beginning.  He was always looking around, so curious and still the same way today. 

Two years and 4 months later, Avery arrived just as calmly as he is today.  He wouldn’t open his eyes for 2-3 weeks and I seriously thought something was wrong.  His hair was sparser than his older sibilng’s and much curlier.  Like most mothers, I remember both of the days my sons were born like they were yesterday.  I remember having Avery and knowing that our family was then complete.  Jaylen had a sibling and my s/o and I had the second child we both wanted.

Now Avery is going to 1st grade and Jaylen is heading to 3rd.  And I am already sad because this is another year that will bring them closer to getting older and a little less dependant on mommy.  I always know they’ll want me around to some degree but one day, they will no longer need me.

Open house is today and I am counting down the minutes while I am at work.  I can’t wait to socialize with the other parents and meet the school’s staff.  Jae may be allowed to join band and strings this year.  Their dad and I have also signed them up for swim lessons.  Schedule permitting, Jae might be playing basketball.  He has been begging to play since he was 4. 

This is a big year for us.  Our little guys are growing up so fast, so smart and so strong.  I love sitting back and watching them progress is this big, crazy world.  I love living in this world through their eyes of trains and cars and dreams and inspiration.  They are an inspiration to me to be a better mommy and a better person.  Jae with his ready smile and Avery with his ever-calming demeanor.

I love my little guys.  Here’s to another successful year.

Peace. 😀


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