Sammii’s Diet Journey

I have been struggling with a consistent diet ever since my youngest son was about 1. I lost ALL this weight in one month then I went to Miami with my s/o and gained a ton of weight in 1 week. Then I went on birth control and gained a few pounds a month from the bc.

During my weight loss after having my son and before Miami, I was very stressed when I was counting calories and exercising with 2 small children at home. Brandon, my s/o, was deployed at the time so I was on my own while trying to lose weight, raising kids and attending college full-time. Then I went on bc when Brandon came back so we could have a great sex life and not worry about me getting pregnant. I gained about 2-3 pounds a month when I was on BC. I finally came off of BC after the fast weight gain and abdominal pains from Mirena. I won’t say that no one should take Mirena but I hated it and now refuse to use any BC because they all make me gain exorbitant amounts of weight. And stupid me for listening to my idiot male gyno who said I would not gain weight with Mirena.  I wanted so desperately to believe him.  My relationship was on the rocks and I didn’t want to get pregnant at that time.

In 2008, I had a personal trainer and was watching what I ate but the weight kept coming on. It was horrible. Now my youngest son just turned 6 and I am still trying to lose the weight from the BC and Miami. I kind of spiraled into a depression over the whole experiences so I have struggled to lose the weight during these past few years. I went through some other negative changes in my life that also contributed to my weight struggles (e.g. relationship issues, unemployment, being busy with my small sons, basically putting everyone else first).

Today, September 5, 2012, I bought Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Inc. Raspberry Ketones, My co-worker told me about them.  She said she lost 3 pounds over the weekend without even starting her excercise routine.  But she is watching what she eats.

I am attempting to eat healthier and I plan to work out almost every day. I like to do a 30-45 minute walk. Nothing too strenous and something that I will be willing to consistently do each day. I eat SmartOnes meals for most of my meals and drink a lot of water. Pretty simple yet boring at the same time. Brandon and I travelled out of town for the last few weeks which meant my diet was not healthy.  I ate what was available when I was hungry or trying to stay awake o the road. 

This week is not really a good week to start my diet because there is so much change. My sons started back to school and Monday was a holiday. However, I was so excited about the Raspberry Ketones pills that I went to buy them and took 2 with my lunch.

Pray for me, everyone that I will finally win this uphill battle. I will post more soon with details of my current weight and a photo. I also plan to post what I ate each day to keep me honest.

Peace! 😀 — Mind over matter!


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