Celebrate Yourself!

“Don’t apologize for who you are.” – Sammii

The above quote just came to me as I was thinking about a conversation that I had with my coworker.  I was talking about my kids, as I am prone to do, and I was thinking about What if I always seemed like I was complaining about my children?  Would people hate me/judge me negatively?  Then I realized that I wouldn’t care. 

I am who I am. 

If my sons are frustrating me with their current behavior then it is what it is.  No one is a perfect parent all the time. 

This post is dedicated not to your perfect self but to your FLAWS!  Hail to every like tick and quirk that you have that others do not like.  Celebrate those quirks because they are what makes you who you are.

I used to say things to people then I would second guess what I said.  I would think, Was that too harsh?  Should I apologize?  And I often did.  But what I didn’t realize is that I was apologizing for me being me.  If I said something, most likely, I meant it so why am I taking it back when I DID mean what said?                                

If I chose to do something, why should I apologize for it if it was something I MEANT to do?  Now I apologize only if I feel like I did something or said something that I did not intend to do/say. 

Celebrate yourself and your flaws and enjoy a HAPPY LIFE!

Peace! 😀


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