30 FOR 30!!!! Day ??? of Sam’s Diet :)

I totally fell off the diet bandwagon and whenever I fall off my diet so horribly, I get depressed and do not bother to blog about it.  Who wants to keep track of their failures?  Nevertheless, I am in a better place now so here goes….

I was feeling especially depressed yesterday because no matter what I eat or how much I eat, I have managed to climb to 190 lbs.  No matter how I exercise or how much walking I do, I am gaining weight.  smh.  I was sitting at work in especially tight pants around my waist and I decided to research alcohol and weight gain.  I definitely enjoy my wine after work hours and I think all that wine is contributing to my burgeoning waistline.

Ok, so basically what I learned is that alcohol turns into some type of vinegar chemical, which I could careless about.  What I cared MOST about is that when individuals drink alcohol, the body breaks down the chemical in alcohol BEFORE any of the calories from food.  And if you are eating a HIGH calorie diet, forget about losing weight….EVER!  I read another article that wondered why there is a not a warning label about possible weight gain on alcohol bottles.  But if you think about it, is there a warning label on Snickers bars about possible weight gain if too many are eaten?  One thing I do think is unfair is that I have never seen the nutritional facts on the back of wine bottles or any other alcoholic beverage for that matter.

I thought alcohol was just empty calories and that the calories would burn like any other food/beverage I consume.  I read a couple of articles and apparently that is not the case. 

So yesterday, I crafted this WONDERFUL idea called 30 for 30!  For 30 days, I pledge not to drink ANY alcohol and to do some type of active activity for 30 minutes.  Some of those activities include walking, running, playing tennis, riding bikes…maybe even swimming if my hair can take it.  I am a black woman with natural hair so when I do things like swim, I have to figure out what style to put my hair in after it has been washed.  

I talked to my Brandon about 30 for 30 and he was on board!  I am SOOOO excited because it is rare when we agree on the same things immediately.  We are both headstrong and like being in control.  If I give an idea, Brandon usually wishes it were his own or claims that he said the idea before.  I am not like that but I don’t like feeling like people are telling me what to do so it sometimes takes me awhile to come around and agree to his idea.  Might be silly but there is probably a long, drawn out story that goes with our current way of thinking as with anyone else.  Oh well, this is us.  I never said we were perfect.

Anywho.  So yesterday, I walked for 30 minutes and stuck to my diet and didn’t drink any wine.  I did have SOME alcohol because I had to take some NyQuil.  I was miserable last night with my weird scratchy, sore throat and Brandon slathered Vicks on me then looked for meds for me.  I found some Vicks and downed the rest of it because there wasn’t much left in the Vicks bottle then I kind of drifted to sleep.  Brandon kept me awake somewhat because he was excited about some things that were going on at work.  I kind of drifted in and out of sleep….

This morning, I woke up with one stuffed nostril and my throat still a little scratchy.  I also feel a little drugged still from the NyQuil even though I took it around 12 at night.  I was thinking of calling in but decided I wasn’t that sick so I wondered into work. 

I didn’t workout this morning because I wanted to try to get as much sleep as possible so I could recover from my cold.

However, now I am at work and excited!  I plan on working out after work for 30 minutes.  My sons have swim lessons today too so I’ll have to fit my workout in around that. 

Also, I am still taking my raspberry ketones.  About 2 pills with 2 meals each day.

I’ll keep you all updated on my diet journey.

Peace! 😀


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