Fish Oil Does NOT Reduce Cardiovascular Risks — Phooey!!!!

So I just heard on the news, after the news teaser, that fish oil does not reduce cardiovascular risks.  Now, I am no doctor but I know that some vitamins in your system is better than none at all.  Individuals are stating that humans will do better to EAT a piece of salmon than to take fish oil vitamins.  Well, let me tell you this…easier said than done.  First, I HATE fish so eating a piece of salmon is completely out of the picture.  Secondly, for individuals to receive a high amount of fish oil, they would have to….guess what…eat a high amount of fish.  What if the individual who is pregnant so raw fish would not be good for her.  What if someone is on a diet so eating too much can ruin their diet.  And, hm, never thought of this but what if the individual is allergic to seafood????  I am not sure if individuals with allergies would still be allergic to fish oil.  That’s a question for a doctor.  Also, fish oil takes less time to prepare.  I just pop one in my mouth a few times a day as I see fit.  Cooking salmon would take consierably more time.

I feel that America has a lot to lose if more and more humans start taking less vitamins which in turn means MORE trips to the doctor.  Then the individual is stuck with medical bills, an illness anyway and the struggle to afford their necessary drugs.   

I took my fish oil today and I have never felt better.  I intend to continue to take fish oil vitamins along with my multivitamin, b-complex, hair nourish vitamins, etc.  My hair is going great and my chest isn’t hurting from stress.  Aside from my unwanted pounds, I would say I am in pretty good shape. 

I don’t think taking vitamins can hurt you but NOT taking them might definitely have adverse affects.

Peace! 😀


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