First Leg and Brazilian Wax

I got my my first leg and Brazilian wax today and it wasn’t too bad. The legs hurt some and I only got the lower half. Getting the hair off my vagina was SO painful. The woman who did my wax is named Tina at Skin and Wax Spa of Springfield, VA and she was nice. She wasn’t very warm. She seems a little standoffish and preoccupied with her thoughts. And maybe it was just me but she seemed uncomfortable around me which made me uncomfortable. I was already scared of what was going to happen to me. I didn’t need the wax lady to be acting weird too. Nevertheless, she did a phenomenal job. :-). She said I had a great texture of hair which should yield wonderful results so we’ll see. I love the way it looks. I’ll be going back to her again for another wax and, maybe, check out some of her other services.



    1. It WAS painful but I will definitely do it again. She did an excellent job. But it was seriously painful! And she said it gets easier the more you do it because the hairs grow back less and less. I love it! I like being VERY clean and hairless.


      1. LOL. I have a high tolerance for pain. I had one of my sons naturally with no epidural and I have about 9 tats. The waxing was pretty painful overall, even my legs. The Brazilian was the worse. I hope it gets easier with time bc I do like the clean look of it. My armpit hairs were too short. I would like to be hairless tho so next time, I’ll be adding as much to the list as possible. Beauty is pain…lol. The good thing is that it only hurts initially. No residual pain after the hair have been pulled. 😀

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