So I disappeared for a time as I went on a journey to find myself.  I, recently, separated from my ex-husband who I was still dating. Long story.  Ok, I have time, I’ll tell it.  We separated then got a divorce then reconciled after our divorce was final. Then broke up again.

I have only a few words to say about that whole ordeal…

I’m glad to be free.

Free to be me. Free to think. Free to fly!  My ex-husband wasn’t horrible but we weren’t on the same wavelength. He is conscious too, I guess you would say. Probably before I became conscious. But we still don’t think and act the same. And when that is occurring for someone who is so creative and a person who takes action, it can be exhausting…like you’re carrying dead weight along with you on your journey.  I need to be able to SOAR!

I have always been a girl then later a woman who thought about things on a deeper level. Earlier this year, around June 2014, I found many African-American groups on FB that I didn’t know existed. I quickly joined about 20 groups and delved into a whole new World that I had always been looking for…before I knew I was looking for it.

Let me start at the beginning.  Earlier this year, I decided I needed to find more like-minded people. People who thought like me. I had watched Hidden Colors and was starting to really awaken.

As I began to awaken, I was increasingly becoming frustrated with the lack of real knowledge on my Facebook NewsFeed. I felt like I was wasting my time on a medium that didn’t offer much for me.

Then, one day, I stumbled upon the groups. I remember being on the phone with my sister and she was asked, “You didn’t know about this?”

Yes and no.

The last time I had ventured into FB Groups, I was separated from my ex. I created a group to talk about relationships, children, etc. That was about 3 years ago. I was in the groups for a few months then slowly moved away from them as they begin to no longer serve their purpose for me. I still have that group and kept it open for people who continued to enjoy the group. One day, I would like to close it though and move on from that Chapter in my life.

Out of sight, out of mind and I forgot about FB Groups.

Now, 3 years later, I stumbled across the groups again. I knew about FB Groups but I never saw them as anything meaningful. I always thought they would be a waste of my time. But, suddenly, I was all-seeing and realizing that the groups I was looking at were meaningful and were connecting the people I had been looking for.

I was home.

I wasn’t in the groups long before I knew I would be creating my own group.  Maybe a few days later, Black Emancipation Coalition was born.

It all started from a post.

Someone posted this post that said they wanted to be a part of an African organization that really stood for something and really helped the African people.

Everyone took off from there in the comments with their ideas and what they wanted and how it could be accomplished. I was, also, in those comments.

The comments went on and on but when it was time to take action.  Silence.

I could feel the energy of my People and I REFUSED to sit there and let our dreams die in that post.

After asking who was going to get the organization started and hearing no response, I created my second FB Group…Black Emancipation Coalition, also known as, BEC.

The experience was rough in the beginning…I might go into that more later. But as things settled down, I began to continue my education of Consciousness, African History and so on.

So this is the beginning of my journey. I know where I am headed and where I need to go. I just hope I see you all there with me.

Let’s go!