Mostly through adversity, do you really learn who you are. You will learn your likes and dislikes, your tolerance level and your limits. But, most of all, you will learn your weaknesses and the true depth of your strength. As humans, we are naturally designed to survive. And you will notice that you only become stronger after each fight, after you have overcome the struggle. They may have won the battle, but you are a fighter and a survivor and you will win the war.



Disturbed (In Dreams)

Love and fairy tales,
Christmas and dreams,
Where in life, we’re nothing,
And nothing’s what it seems,
We pretend we’re living,
When, in reality, we’re dead,
We pretend we’re feeling,
But no tears we ever shed,

Close your eyes,
And see black,
No past, no present, no future,
Only darkness,
No light, no pictures, no sound,
Inevitably woven sutures,

We’re alive like animals in the night,
Through this plight,
We consider a “life”,
In truth, the funeral of meaningful experiences,
Well doomed forever in eternity,
Where heads have laid to rest.

By: Samantha Dawson


“I trust people until they give me a reason not to.”. This is my philosophy on trust. I believe people believe in you more when you come at them, giving them the benefit of the doubt.

My girl friend told me not to. She said I need to stop that. Stop trusting people, she said. That’s a foreign concept to me. I am, naturally, a trusting person. I always have been. I believe that’s why people have always liked me. My trusting them is a way of saying, “I believe in you. I know you’re a good person and you can start with a fresh slate with me”.

However, once people cross that line with me and break my trust, I’m done. I do give people several chances to make mistakes because we’re all human. But, everyone “has a limit” and when I reach mine, I know that I can’t deal with that person anymore. He or she no longer has my trust and depending on the situation, he/she might be able to regain my trust back.

But, I can never be that person who walks around with my guard up 24/7. I’m a city girl so I know which situations to stay away from and I’m far from naive. But, I’m pretty happy for the most part and chill. And I, genuinely, like people. My friends have always told me that I am a “people person” and I guess I am. I like to have fun with the best of them but I can, also, sympathize with others and be there for them. I like getting to know people, opening up to them and having them feel safe enough to open up to me. I like learning about people. Their different ideas and cultures, their different personalities and why do they do the things that they do. I believe we grow and mature more with more knowledge and experiences. I’m always learning and gaining new experiences. I can’t do that if I simply talk to the same people and have my guard up around everyone else.

Life is not worth living if I can’t open up my heart and trust other human beings. We are all on this Earth struggling to make it and if it’s ever my time to go then that is God’s will.

I love thy neighbor and I will continue to live in love and walk in the light. May God continue to watch over me and protect me because He knows my heart.

Until next time….

❤ Sammii.

First Leg and Brazilian Wax

I got my my first leg and Brazilian wax today and it wasn’t too bad. The legs hurt some and I only got the lower half. Getting the hair off my vagina was SO painful. The woman who did my wax is named Tina at Skin and Wax Spa of Springfield, VA and she was nice. She wasn’t very warm. She seems a little standoffish and preoccupied with her thoughts. And maybe it was just me but she seemed uncomfortable around me which made me uncomfortable. I was already scared of what was going to happen to me. I didn’t need the wax lady to be acting weird too. Nevertheless, she did a phenomenal job. :-). She said I had a great texture of hair which should yield wonderful results so we’ll see. I love the way it looks. I’ll be going back to her again for another wax and, maybe, check out some of her other services.

I’m Back!!!! :)

I must admit, I have been afraid to write my first blog entry since being gone for so long. It’s been about 2 years since I submitted my last blog entry. Two years! And, boy, has a lot happened. I separated from my sons’ father but we’re still friends. I have lost about 20 lbs. and I’m still working at it. I have become more active in my church. I’m the Secretary/Treasurer of the Military Ministry. My sons are almost taller than me! SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED! LOL. But, while I have been afraid to write again (I didn’t know what to say)….a voice said “be honest”. Duh, right? Why didn’t I think of that…LOL. I was thinking of all these great entries I should write. What’s the latest fashion trend? My second 30 Day Challenge….I didn’t finish the first one. 😦 And the list goes on and on. I wanted to write something witty and amazing. But, I realized, my life is witty and amazing. Through all my good and bad…and there was a lot of bad…I’m still here. So sit back, relax and get ready to be entertained in this crazy World of Life with Sammii! 🙂